Dream platform, shine youth


In Hongzhi international, we treat employees like to focus on business.

In the staff support, occupation development and opportunity, provide a comprehensive range of Hongzhi international occupation career planning.

For different job categories, we have a pre planned path of development, including rank definitions, tasks, competencies, and potential development directions. Every year there are tens of thousands of opportunities, whether to seize the opportunity, to accept the challenge depends on whether employees understand their enthusiasm. Everyone is a career planner, and we also provide diverse processes and tools to build blocks for our career development. We offer open dialogue to achieve personal growth and development, including structured feedback, knowledge transfer, and multi career oriented development opportunities.


Boot camp

The new recruits have stepped into the boot camp, concentrating on training in product, sales, and overall quality and rapidly growing into qualified sales.

Elite Knights Club

Key staff in all functional departments receive training in management concepts and methods and grow into team leaders.

Promotion plan

The functional departments set up a number of promotion channels for employees, so that employees find their own direction of development.

Resume delivery

Hongzhi international looking forward to joining you, if interested can send your resume to: service@ehongzhi.com, we will reply to you within two working days.